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How to maintain the lithium battery charger?

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We know that lithium batteries are not only the energy source of mobile products, but also the power of mobile products. Without battery power supply, mobile products are a piece of scrap iron, a high-capacity and high-performance battery, which can not only give mobile products long-term endurance, but also protect the circuit of mobile products, so that mobile products can be able to. For our players, the performance of batteries has been qualitatively determined when they are out of the factory. The size and performance of batteries are determined by the batteries themselves. In this respect, we can't change it artificially, but that's not to say that after we get the batteries, we will treat them as one. Points can't be done.

Many users use lithium ion rechargeable batteries, using up the memory storage capacity, need to recharge before they can supplement the power supply. You should not underestimate the charging process. A good charger and correct charging method can keep the battery standby for a long time and prolong the service life of the battery.

With regard to the correct charging and maintenance methods, after a period of practical use and reference, Haoba Lithium Battery Charger summarizes the following points:

First, before the lithium batteries leave the factory, the manufacturer activates them and precharges them. Therefore, all the batteries have surplus electricity. The newly purchased mobile phone batteries are lithium-ion batteries. Then the first three to five charges are called adjustment period. They should be charged for more than 14 hours to ensure the full activation of lithium ions. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but they have strong Sui dynasty. They should be fully activated to ensure the best performance in the future.

Secondly, many users keep their mobile products on while charging. In the process of charging, on the one hand, the battery discharges outward because of the use of mobile products, and on the other hand, it supplies power inward because of the charging of batteries. This may lead to the heating of the circuit board of mobile products and the internal parts of mobile products. Damage.

3. Before charging, lithium batteries need neither discharge nor discharge. Currently, the chargers of lithium batteries have no discharge function. If the charging speed can be adjusted, it is suggested that we charge them slowly to reduce the fast charging mode. No matter slow charging or fast charging, the time should not exceed 24 hours. Otherwise, the battery will probably burn out the core because of the huge electronic current generated by long-term power supply.

4. Some automated intelligent fast chargers are only 90% full when the indicator lights change. At this time, the battery is protected from overcharging by a protective plate, and the charger will automatically change to fill the battery with slow charging. Don't cut off the power supply of the charger immediately. It's better to give the battery a period of recharge time, and then use the battery after it is full, otherwise it will shorten the use time.

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