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Misuse Analysis of Lithium Battery Charger

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I. Charging Method of Lithium Battery Charger - New Battery Charging

In dealing with the charging methods of new batteries, the top three most publicized by the government are charging for more than 12 hours to activate the batteries. "But is this statement accurate? Is it still wrong? ~ The answer is wrong.~~

The reason is that this kind of statement is continuous from nickel batteries, but the charging and discharging characteristics of lithium batteries and nickel batteries are very different. For lithium batteries, overdischarge and overcharge will cause great damage to the batteries. It is best to charge the batteries according to the standard time and standard method, bearing in mind that charging should not exceed 12 hours.

The second reason is that lithium batteries will actively stop charging when they are full of electricity, but keep putting them on the charger, which can show the cycle of discharge-charge, the characteristics of the battery's charge-discharge protection circuit can change, and the battery is at the edge of risk.


II. Charging Method of Lithium Battery Charger - How to Charge in Abnormal Utilization

There are many different opinions on how to charge lithium batteries in the abnormal use. Some of the partners said that "to use the active shutdown, there is no electricity left to recharge." But some of the partners showed that "charge as you go" to deal with this achievement. Xiaobian's non-stop behavior is the first theory, but it was not invented. Why is it necessary to do this? Let me take a look at it.~~

The reason is that the life of lithium-ion batteries is usually 300 to 500 charging cycles. Assuming that the power supplied by a complete discharge is 1Q, the total power supplied by lithium-ion batteries can be 300Q to 500Q without considering the power cut in each charging cycle in the future. If charged 1/2 at a time, it can charge 600-1000 times; if charged 1/3 at a time, it can charge 900-1500 times; if charged randomly, the number is uncertain. In short, the total capacity to compensate for 300Q-500Q power is constant because the lifetime of lithium batteries is related to the total charge capacity of batteries, but related to the number of charges, deep charging or shallow charging has little effect on the lifetime of lithium batteries.

Reason 2: In fact, shallow charging is more beneficial to lithium power. Only when the power module of the product is calibrated for lithium power, can deep charging be needed. Therefore, in the ordinary process of utilization, it is possible to recharge with photoelectricity without restriction, and to recharge with convenience as the first step.


III. Charging methods of lithium batteries - matters needing attention

Note 1: Avoid charging at too high temperature

If the charging temperature is higher than the prescribed operating temperature (35 C), the power consumption of lithium batteries will be reduced continually, that is, the power supply time will be prolonged when the battery is fully charged, which will damage the quality of the batteries and reduce the life of the batteries.

Note 2: Avoid charging at too low temperature

If the battery is charged at a low temperature (4 below), the battery's power will continue to be reduced or even not charged, but the situation is different from that at low temperature. It is not always destroyed. When the temperature is lowered to an appropriate level, the battery's power will return to its previous state.

Note 3: Use it frequently

Often used, the electrons in lithium batteries will always be in active state, which is conducive to the extension of their life. If not frequently used, remember to charge lithium batteries once a month for a period of deep charging.

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